Being a squeeky clean teenage celebrity in today's Hollywood is not easy. Everyone gives you drugs and alcohol to help you deal with your problems and in turn, just create even more problems!

Dirty Teen Celebrities is there for teenage girls in their time of need. Not to give them a shoulder to cry on... No, they are there to take some steamy pics and some spicy hot video of girls as they turn into complete sluts that would make a porn star blush!

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Pixie Lott 
leaving Pizza Express.
London, England - 31.08.09

Pixie Lott pictured during a nightout at the Mahiki nightclub in London. UK.


JOB: 74469 
TEL: (+44) 33 33 210 456

How am I just now finally finding out about this little English hottie? The blondes name is Victoria Lott and goes by Pixie Lott which just sounds divine. She is a singer, song-writer and an actress. Originally she shot into stardom when her single "Mama Do (Uh Oh, Uh Oh) went straight to number one in the UK Singles Chart. Since then she has made a few more hits, albums, films and TV show appearances.

These dirty pictures of Pixie Lott showing off her panties will have you scratching something dangling between your legs. Here is to hoping that Pixie gives us many more exciting photos of herself in more revealing ways!

Dirty Teen Celebrities has a lot more of her and hundreds of other hot Hollywood, London and other worldly celebs!

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6 13 15

Kristen Stewart seems to be the hottest celebrity to hate right now. She is pissing everybody off that fell in love with her quirky character Bella Swan from The Twilight Saga. As it turns out she is a lying cheating whore. The thing that really gets me is how she has personified a whore lately. I used to love her with dark hair and punk rock like in the photo in the middle. Now she is a slut!

Lets see how she does in American Ultra and then we can judge her again. Because that is what we do best here. Judge female celebrities.

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lindsey lohan sideboob lindsay lohan in blue bathing suit bikini lindsay lohan nude

Some stars do some pretty insane things out of the blue. Lindsey Lohan is not one of them. She pretty much telegraphs her mental breakdowns long before they actually happen. Then again, it seems like she is having one everyday of the week so I guess you could say it would be more of a surprise if she didn’t do something provocative or stupid.

Lindsey likes to show off her tits ever since they went on a big growth spurt. You can see her teenage boobs weren’t anything special, but now they are getting pretty delicious. There are many Lindsey Lohan side boob photos to be found on the Internet and now you can see them without anything covering them at all.

Join Dirty Teen Celebrities for her entire nude and semi-nude collection and also get those of other teeny bopper celebs like Emma Watson and Hilary Duff!

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emma watson drilling her pussy with a red vibrator Emma Watson
LA Premiere of "The Tale of Despereaux" at the Arclight Hollywood Theater
Los Angeles, California - 07.12.08 
**Only available for publication in the UK, USA, Austria and Switzerland. Not available for the rest of the world**
Mandatory Credit: WENN

Even if you are a big time star you need sex. It is just how life works. There isn’t always somebody around to give a girl the bone so even a celebrity like Emma Watson has to masturbate once in a while. Watch the Emma Watson masturbation video here!

Emma has been a few movies since the Harry Potter franchise finished. Some of the movies did pretty good, but some of them didn’t do so good. That can leave a girl with a lot of stress. It is no wonder she has to take some time to pleasure herself. Nothing makes a girl feel like a million bucks like a big vibrating cock.

Find all of her hottest pics and videos on Dirty Teen Celebs!

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britney sprears flashing her huge tits

Britney Spears has been doing a lot of shocking things in her time as a female celebrity, but nobody expected this display from her. She is either on drugs or drunk again because this pop star has shocked an entire crowd at an award show by flashing her milk filled boobs. She might be trying to show everyone that she has shed her child-star image. No shit!

Dirty Teen Celebrities has all of her shocking pictures including some reported sex pics and tapes with ex-husband Kevin. Along with the blatant pornography she is creating there is also plenty of pokies, nipples slips and those beaver shots from when she was competing with Paris Hilton for biggest slut of the year.

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